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A student in Bandung have possessed, because the devil entered the school watchman. As a result, he yell bloody murder like a madman. If you have heart disease, I recommend not to watch this impression. Therefore the result will be fatal for your heart health. And if you still nekad, you may be treated to cure the condition of your heart, and that all costs will be spent enough expensive, because the cure for heart disease is much in the import from USA. And if it does not recover as well, maybe you will have a Stroke, which result in death or even the entire half your body's organs.
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5 Tempat berHANTU Paling Mengerikan

5. Waverly Hills

Waverly Hills hospital building in original is a 2 floor of the timber is opened 1910 but a larger building made of brick and concrete structures such as the current year was completed in 1926. The hospital is dedicated to patient care is a TBC, a disease that affects quite common in the early 20th century.

4. The Queen Mary

Old luxury ship that is reputedly quite haunted, according to many people who have worked and visited the vessels.
After the ship was a luxury and is renowned the end a sail boat was bought by Queen Mary of Long Beach California in 1967 and was changed into a hotel.

3. Eastern State

Prison, Eastern State is a favorite place for ghost hunters and the general public since opened to the public.
Built in 1829, the structure nuances Gothic building originally built the imposing 250 for holding prisoners in solitary sel2. But when actively in use, the prison can accommodate up to 1,700 prisoners. As a place that has a high emotional stress, suffering and death, the prison eventually become possessed.

2. London Tower
London tower, one of the most historic building in the world famous and well maintained, can be categorized as one of the most haunted places in the world.
This is due in by the number of executions, murders and torture that occurred in the tower during the last 1000 years.

1. Myrtles

Built in 1796 by General David Bradford, an old house in this tell some ghost be curious. According to some researchers as much as 10 murders occurred in the house but other researchers, such as Troy Taylor and David Wisehart only 1 confirmed that the murder occurred at the Myrtles.
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Hantu (ghost) - For more funny videos, click here

Kuntilanak Bukan Sih?? - These bloopers are hilarious

Look at a certain strange thing behind the man, certain thing like a head. It what the true head of the image of phantom? I do not know, but the thing of I this is a false image of phantom. You can make it also easy as if you have a friend to be the object and to be that the phantom. The phantom can be captured as their parts of the body which appears and captured accidentally while what you can observe on the image above.

Wow what is this, the pocong of hantu was captured behind the man. He so clearly and him so true, is it true? Yes the image of pocong is true. And the image of the people is also true. But I do not believe with it. The phantom of pocong and the image of the image are really captured in the different place. Yes, I guess that it is not a true phantom of pocong which is captured in the true environment. It is a false image of phantom.

In this image show us a phantom of pocong what is captured in a mosque. Is this true? I do not know, it can be true, it can also be fake. But if you believe with me, it is not a true image of phantom. Because do I know that the phantom are afraid with a prayer, then why go to the mosque? Do they request? Not! I think that the image above is the image of a woman which requests in the mosque whereas it use a veil. This is why the image above are resembled a phantom of pocong. the hantu is phantom indonesian.

Ghost is a figure that is very creepy for some people, therefore if you feel fear, the need to not watch this video, because the result will be fatal, especially if you have a heart disease. Prepare yourself if you want to watch this SCARY MOVIE.


Here are the places that are usually inhabited by perhaps ghost. This is usually due to the strange events or in the mystical place. In this place there is usually a ghost is a grave, house angker.Kuburan indeed identical with the place that is inhabited by the ghost.

As we know that the specter that perhaps life after death. People who have died will be a ghost, let alone have the term's ghost.
The house has been uninhabited not people, they say the house will have "the" other horrific.

Interference-interference that can arise include sounds such as ring plates, spoons collide, or the sound of water in the bathroom. In fact, according to some stories from that experienced by the home which occupies a reputedly haunted as it is in hell, even the term is another house in the name gendruwo nest.

Not only the sound and make a strange sound like, but interference is a frequently appear shadowy creature of the night of the show. Other strange occurrence is often when the original owner of the haunted house is not at home but these neighbors even see and hear the owner is in the house and is being talked, difficult events that are received by sense.

Haunted house sometimes become a means of testing keberaniaan, where even run their own rear-terbirit before midnight because they have strange things. Sometimes some of the furniture in the haunted house came from the sacred petilasan, but can also come from the pillars of wood from trees that grow in the forest near the haunted grave.

Especially when the old house are uninhabited, like fine spirit dwells in a quiet place or a place that rarely dihampiri by the owner's house, where it could be an empty rooms, the roof of a house, tree house in the yard can also be a fine place bersarangnya organism it.

In addition to happy sojourn in places deserted, the spirit or soul can also stayed smooth in all places, because existence is not bound by space limit, or wall, so any object can be penetrated by the spirit.

Things that make a place haunted tekadang only because the house is old, it was not or could also take home the tragedy that happened very egregious loss of life that result in someone who eventually become a ghost and a watchman in the house is haunted.


Is it the true phantom of sundel bolong which is captured by the paranormal? huh, you extend. it is not the true just extending phantom of sundel bolong, you and does not claim that it is phantom of sundel bolong . and I believe 100% that this image is not true.

Throw a glance with the image above, the woman ask a help because it is frightened by the phantom. Do you believe with this describe you for always? Not, do not believe with this image of phantom because this image of phantom is not true. It is a false image of phantom. The phantom behind the woman is a phantom of pontianak which I often find in the net. This image of phantom then published using the photoshop and then published as a another image of phantom.

really I cannot differ between the phantom from kuntilanak and the bolong of sundel, because they are the two same ones, and the jut is phantom of sundelbolong is a hole in the stop match of sundel bolong . and of the legend of the sundel bolong I also really do not know. can be if you know more about the phantom of bolong of sundel which you can to me say it.



I really do not believe with this image of phantom, I can 't determine what is the phantom. if we observe with the left wing of the image we let us can found a certain strange thing who appear and resembled a phantom of pocong. but when we move at the right-sided of the image, there we can find that there is a strange light which is resembled in the light of a phantom of jin who seem usually spiritistic or piwer of mystical material. this image also alarming but he is not thus interested to be spoken with this blog.


know they exist but what the hell do ghosts do all day? Their must be something to do? And where do we go when we die? Can u still think etc? Are they in the same place as the the aliens? Use an INFRA Red camera to see UFO's, similar to ghosts. They seem to be around all the time although not to the naked eye. I cant wait to see what happens when i'm a corpse just to see what happens after! I'm not gonna kill myself though, I'll let the corrupt governments of the NWO do that for me! some of these are very fake, and some of them are just blurred out ppl in the background, thats because they were moving fast or something, such as All are. The Bible tells us that Satan rules this world, but God reigns over his Kingdom. Therefore it only makes sense that any kind of entities on this earth must come from a demonic presence or derivative. When one dies and goes to heaven, one is with heaven and does not return to earth. Those whom go to hell, though, are free to come back to earth since Satan has control over this world.dude i know them there my cosins its fake one of them is an artist she painted the childs head on card bord and stuck it beetween there legs for it thats way too friken fake for anyone to believe, if you like this you must be some psychotic moron to belieave any of this bullcrap. if these are ghosts then so is my asshole
the one with all the young ppl and a toddler in between there legs is not fake it happend 2 years ago a new years eve party and the child was not meant to be in that picture.its from england middlesbrough.just a little fact
lol u should see mty ghost vid which will be done soon and on youtube lol just at he top in videos type in phili002 and look at my ghost one there lol its so real and creepy lol i cant sleep. yeh we've got that picture my mum got it off her friends, and they missed off someone in the picture, she got cut off. In the full photo, there's a real little girl crying in the corner and they later asked the girl: why are you crying? and the little girl pointed to the girl's legs where the ghost on the photo was and sed: she's being nasty to me good job ghoststudy you people never let me down as far as any proof in the paranormal goes.

Chinese school girls with Holy Ghost

he problem with china is it insists on controlling the church leadership if it does then this kinda thing will continue. Best solution for china is to allow major churchs to form and let them preach the true gospel wihout swearing loyalty to the como party in the church house. Cristians are good people the just hold God above man.

The behavior is beautiful full of joy! (Summerrain74) God does not want a walking Zombie! trust me the lord wants a personal relationship with his children... If it is somehting that has made the chinese happy then they should feel the joy of our father! Amen!
How can you say this isn't an accurate depiction of Christianity. Are you Asian? Are you Chinese? People from different cultures may worship God differently. Even in America not everyone worships the same. Some are boisterous, others are quiet. Some like to shout and run around the church, others go into their closets and cry out to our Abba.have seen some AWESOME revivals when the spirit moved like this!!! What a site to behold!!! Deep South is still grounded in faith because early on...their faith was what kept them going through all the hard work and tough times! Maybe that is why these poeple are so open to the Spirit of God! They have not been spoiled like alot of us are today with monetary things and luxuries??? Just my thought! But YES I agree the Lord is "rockin' in.

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Watch the movie of Gendruwo. Video setan Gendrowo is ghost of sex the satan very like making love many wife in Indonesia

Wach the movie and Gendruwo ghost come to your life.


look at this scary kuntilanak ghost which i found from it is really scary is not it? look at her body and her white hands that looked like a monster and. how if the ghost accompany you, when you are sleeping. do you think that this ghost picture is real? i dont think so, i think this is not a real ghost picture, it is too impossible for some one to capture a ghost picture like this. as close as this and as real as this picture i mean. it is looked like a movie scene. just lok at the environment color. this is indicate that there some thing manipulated with shadow dark and gold color. but it is really fun for us is not it it is a great work for the person who capture it. thumb up for you

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