Ghost photo Appearance,Pocong and Lutung


Modern day ghostbusters use sophisticated electrical equipment to ascertain if a poltergeist or 'ghost' is present in a building. And the cost of their equipment is chillingly expensive. To get started as a ghostbuster you will of course need a video camera and Dictaphone to catch the spooks on tape. And if you want to enhance your video pictures an image intensifier is a must at between £80 and £1,000.

For a meagre £2,000 you can buy a proton Magnetometer which measures tiny changes in magnetic fields. These can be displayed on your oscilloscope available from scientific suppliers at a price up to £2,000. You can bounce your laser seismograph (£100) between mirrors to check for the slightest rumbling and your Geiger counter (from £100) will check for surges to the background radiation. With an Infra-red detector (£15) and Thermometer (£5) your kit is complete

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