Here are the places that are usually inhabited by perhaps ghost. This is usually due to the strange events or in the mystical place. In this place there is usually a ghost is a grave, house angker.Kuburan indeed identical with the place that is inhabited by the ghost.


As we know that the specter that perhaps life after death. People who have died will be a ghost, let alone have the term's ghost.
The house has been uninhabited not people, they say the house will have "the" other horrific.

Interference-interference that can arise include sounds such as ring plates, spoons collide, or the sound of water in the bathroom. In fact, according to some stories from that experienced by the home which occupies a reputedly haunted as it is in hell, even the term is another house in the name gendruwo nest.

Not only the sound and make a strange sound like, but interference is a frequently appear shadowy creature of the night of the show. Other strange occurrence is often when the original owner of the haunted house is not at home but these neighbors even see and hear the owner is in the house and is being talked, difficult events that are received by sense.

Haunted house sometimes become a means of testing keberaniaan, where even run their own rear-terbirit before midnight because they have strange things. Sometimes some of the furniture in the haunted house came from the sacred petilasan, but can also come from the pillars of wood from trees that grow in the forest near the haunted grave.

Especially when the old house are uninhabited, like fine spirit dwells in a quiet place or a place that rarely dihampiri by the owner's house, where it could be an empty rooms, the roof of a house, tree house in the yard can also be a fine place bersarangnya organism it.

In addition to happy sojourn in places deserted, the spirit or soul can also stayed smooth in all places, because existence is not bound by space limit, or wall, so any object can be penetrated by the spirit.

Things that make a place haunted tekadang only because the house is old, it was not or could also take home the tragedy that happened very egregious loss of life that result in someone who eventually become a ghost and a watchman in the house is haunted.

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