Foto Hantu Berjilbab Purbalingga[Video]

The appearance of a ghost who wear white hoods excited residents in the District Bobotsari, Purbalingga, Central Java. Veiled ghosts recorded by the camera cell phone has become a spectacle citizens. Suddenly the news spread, people came curious and want to see the video.

Every day a crowd of people seen at home Adit Bobotsari Village, District Bobotsari,. Video with a duration of about 30 seconds was taken during his tour of South Tlahab waterfall.

Out of curiosity, the video recordings at the input to the laptop. It seems clear, ghost veiled bath along with his three friends. Ghost wear a white shirt, white scarf and jeans.

According to Aditya, when taking a picture that looks a shower only three of her friends, "But once played, there is a third person with a vision," said Aditya.

Cash only veiled ghost videos that make residents and curious students. Adit they came to the house to see the video.

Residents believe that wearing a white headscarf and took bath is a ghost sightings. Because not long ago at that location a student MTs were killed while playing in the waterfall. "As the new year there kemariun MTs students who were killed while bathing there," said Siti Masitoh, Tlahab Kidul village residents.

Tarmidi Meanwhile, residents who live close to the waterfall said, waterfalls tlahab is unspoiled and rarely visited wisatawan.Sehingga residents believe it is still haunted location and often appeared sightings.

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