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Look at a certain strange thing behind the man, certain thing like a head. It what the true head of the image of phantom? I do not know, but the thing of I this is a false image of phantom. You can make it also easy as if you have a friend to be the object and to be that the phantom. The phantom can be captured as their parts of the body which appears and captured accidentally while what you can observe on the image above.

Wow what is this, the pocong of hantu was captured behind the man. He so clearly and him so true, is it true? Yes the image of pocong is true. And the image of the people is also true. But I do not believe with it. The phantom of pocong and the image of the image are really captured in the different place. Yes, I guess that it is not a true phantom of pocong which is captured in the true environment. It is a false image of phantom.

In this image show us a phantom of pocong what is captured in a mosque. Is this true? I do not know, it can be true, it can also be fake. But if you believe with me, it is not a true image of phantom. Because do I know that the phantom are afraid with a prayer, then why go to the mosque? Do they request? Not! I think that the image above is the image of a woman which requests in the mosque whereas it use a veil. This is why the image above are resembled a phantom of pocong. the hantu is phantom indonesian.

Ghost is a figure that is very creepy for some people, therefore if you feel fear, the need to not watch this video, because the result will be fatal, especially if you have a heart disease. Prepare yourself if you want to watch this SCARY MOVIE.

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