Is it the true phantom of sundel bolong which is captured by the paranormal? huh, you extend. it is not the true just extending phantom of sundel bolong, you and does not claim that it is phantom of sundel bolong . and I believe 100% that this image is not true.

Throw a glance with the image above, the woman ask a help because it is frightened by the phantom. Do you believe with this describe you for always? Not, do not believe with this image of phantom because this image of phantom is not true. It is a false image of phantom. The phantom behind the woman is a phantom of pontianak which I often find in the net. This image of phantom then published using the photoshop and then published as a another image of phantom.

really I cannot differ between the phantom from kuntilanak and the bolong of sundel, because they are the two same ones, and the jut is phantom of sundelbolong is a hole in the stop match of sundel bolong . and of the legend of the sundel bolong I also really do not know. can be if you know more about the phantom of bolong of sundel which you can to me say it.

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