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Hantu Leak BaliFoto Gambar Hantu Leak Bali

In Balinese mythology, Leak was the wicked witch. Le which means witch and ak, which means evil. Leak will be visible at night by hunters shamans leak.

In the afternoon he looked like a human being, while at night he was in the cemetery to find the organs in the human body uses to make magic potions. Magic potion that can change the shape leak into a tiger, monkey, pig or the like Rangda. If necessary he can also take organs from living people.

It is told also that Leak can be a human head with organs that are still hanging in the head. Leak said to be flying to search for a pregnant woman, for then the blood sucking baby who was still in the womb. There are three famous leak. Two of them women and one man.

According to Balinese belief, Leak was a human being who practice evil magic and need blood to live embryo. It is said also that Leak can turn himself into a pig or a ball of fire, while the actual form of worse it has a long tongue and sharp teeth. Some people say that the magic Leak works only on the island of Bali, that Leak is found only in Bali.

If someone stabbed Leak from bottom of the neck to the head when the head separated from his body, then Leak can not be reunited with his body. If the head is separated at a certain time period, then Leak will die.

Mask leak with sharp teeth and long tongue is also sometimes used as decoration on the island of Bali home.

Video Hantu Leak Bali:

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