know they exist but what the hell do ghosts do all day? Their must be something to do? And where do we go when we die? Can u still think etc? Are they in the same place as the the aliens? Use an INFRA Red camera to see UFO's, similar to ghosts. They seem to be around all the time although not to the naked eye. I cant wait to see what happens when i'm a corpse just to see what happens after! I'm not gonna kill myself though, I'll let the corrupt governments of the NWO do that for me! some of these are very fake, and some of them are just blurred out ppl in the background, thats because they were moving fast or something, such as All are. The Bible tells us that Satan rules this world, but God reigns over his Kingdom. Therefore it only makes sense that any kind of entities on this earth must come from a demonic presence or derivative. When one dies and goes to heaven, one is with heaven and does not return to earth. Those whom go to hell, though, are free to come back to earth since Satan has control over this world.dude i know them there my cosins its fake one of them is an artist she painted the childs head on card bord and stuck it beetween there legs for it thats way too friken fake for anyone to believe, if you like this you must be some psychotic moron to belieave any of this bullcrap. if these are ghosts then so is my asshole
the one with all the young ppl and a toddler in between there legs is not fake it happend 2 years ago a new years eve party and the child was not meant to be in that picture.its from england middlesbrough.just a little fact
lol u should see mty ghost vid which will be done soon and on youtube lol just at he top in videos type in phili002 and look at my ghost one there lol its so real and creepy lol i cant sleep. yeh we've got that picture my mum got it off her friends, and they missed off someone in the picture, she got cut off. In the full photo, there's a real little girl crying in the corner and they later asked the girl: why are you crying? and the little girl pointed to the girl's legs where the ghost on the photo was and sed: she's being nasty to me good job ghoststudy you people never let me down as far as any proof in the paranormal goes.

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