Ritual Menikah Dengan Mayat Kisah Nyata

Ritual Menikah Dengan Mayat Kisah NyataFoto Orang Menikah dengan Mayat

A history teacher doing research, and of course this picture is real and actually exists. Derived from the 1920's, from a village in China. The girl 17 years of age. He comes from a family that was and rich, and with the power of money, he managed to get his dreams. The man was 19 years old, and quite popular in the eyes of the girls because of his good looks.

They became engaged, but wedding ceremony officially yet
done, and the girl die because of high fever in 1922. He does not want to undergo a traditional ritual to marry someone who has died, and decides to run away and join the army. But, as already mentioned, the girl came from a wealthy family, and members of his family managed to bring the men to return, then the men were forced to undergo ritual marriage with the girl who had died.

This photo was taken at midnight, when the girl had been dead for 6 days. They have to prop the body of the girl with a wooden board, in order to stand up straight. Notice that the girl's feet are not touching the ground in full? And also, 2 lines of Chinese characters, one line was written in reverse, which is said to cater for those who have died.

They say if you are looking at a photograph with a relatively long time, and if the girl smiled back at you, bad things will happen to you. This is because the man did not want to undergo the ritual, however, he is very poor, and can not do anything at that time. The girls loved him, and forced him to get engaged.

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