Misteri Makhluk Laut Segitiga Bermuda Sargasso

We've heard lots of rumors about the Sargasso Sea or commonly known as the Bermuda Triangle. Actually, what makes the color of sea water is a bit different from the sea in general and why it is often very big ships and aircraft lost in this area? Some of the myths that are spread among the people does not make sense. We need scientific explanations for the events in the Sargasso Sea.

Sargasso Sea is one of the sea with a lot of mountains and there are many steep canyons with an area of approximately 1.5 million square miles. Any ships or planes that cross these areas usually have damage to the compass so that the compass spinning Erus and can not tell a clear direction. This occurs due to strong magnetic fields that exist in the Sargasso Sea. Currents in the ocean is so powerful that it could form a kind of vortex of water that flows clockwise slowly.

Sargasso Sea water is very blue and warm with exceptional clarity. In this place of living marine algae in a number of very large, floating on the water surface and also dominated the Sargasso Sea marine. The name was taken from a Sargasso Sea Sargasso algae that live in the sea. Many sea creatures that live unique and strange among this collection of algae Sargasso, for example isopoda parasites and eel. In this place there was a certain creatures that only live in the Sargasso Sea, so they were named specifically as well, such as the Sargasso crabs, sea horses Sargasso, and others.

Indeed Sargasso Sea is a very poor marine flora and fauna with a small population because very seldom water currents that carry nutrients such as plankton or phytoplankton flows through this area. Sargasso algae is the only one who is able to live and grow up to 100 meters long at sea is minimal nutrients. In the algae have a number of air pockets that can make this algae floating on the surface of sea water. From the sea, these algae looks like a lush trees.

In addition to the Sargasso seaweed, eel is the Sargasso Sea fauna is very unique. The form is similar to a type of eel eel. Eel with egg-laying breed, then after the eggs hatch, will be lava. Leptosefalus named Lava is what will become an adult eel. Lava will be floating between algae and drifting into the various rivers, and eventually grow. Interestingly, this eel will eventually always come back to the Sargasso Sea where they were born, that is to mate and die.

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