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Project conducted by Professor Richard Wiseman from, here are 10 photos penampakan the ghost scene. Where these photos were collected by the Professor in a project that was opened to the public, where people can submit photos that claimed to contain penampakan ghost.

Among the many images collected scieneofhauntings site visitors are asked to give an assessment. And finally, from rank 10 to 1, an image that is considered the most "egregious". Despite supranatural smell, but each image containing a description of a variety of skeptical people.

Can not be believed.

Rank 10 - taken by the Croatian Filip Gazi and Jazmin Ajkunic. Penampakan skull face in a nightclub. Skeptical opinion of the people face is that the image is just a form of random chance that form the face of the human skull. Images were chosen by 18% visitors.

Rank to 9 - Penampakan ghost in the pavement. Pictures taken by Michael Dunbar, a person when she saw the shadow of a drift in the footway. Chosen by about 19% visitors, the image of this issue is skeptical that the shade is extended reflection on human being by chance in the top of the curb.

Rank 8 to be inhabited by the image below. Taken by Collin Foster in a lake in North Yorkshire, this photo shows a person shadows form the human body are on the tree limb thick. Chosen by 20 percent of visitors, they are skeptical between, states that it is just digital manipulation or engineering, or only a shadow of a statue of course.

Rank 7 to be inhabited by penampakan ghost image over the water, which is selected by 22% visitors. Picture shows the shadow a person feet are washed in water and taken up by Jamie Whitehead in the forest Saltburn Wood UK. People are skeptical that the only shadow of a tree branch that stands vertically that have happened over the water is.
"boy on the water"

Then ranked sixth photo is taken about 22 years ago by Sonia Puri Mellish in Edinburgh, UK. Appear in the photo is the white shadow in a corner right by the many people skeptical, it's only an extension or a human shadow image double. This image is a favorite of about 24% visitors.

Rank to 5 - is the image penampakan face a woman in a car rear view mirror. photograph- Guilelermo Sosa confess at that time he did not see anyone inside the car, but he was surprised with attended face in the rear view mirror of a woman left the car. Opinion is skeptical that the shadow of the woman in the car but not visible from the back of his head because he was lean or shadow someone who through the accident near the car.

In rank to 4, have a photo belonging to the Chris Brown show a person silhouette that is standing on the beach with the position of the body facing to the beach complete with a jacket and hat. Skeptical opinion states that the figure is but a shadow of the illusion created because Indent rocks a small beach around it.
"beach ghost"

Rank 3 by penampakan great place the ghost in front of people who are passionate tandem. Chosen by 28% visitor, this photo was taken by Mathieu Fur. He explains that he does not see the people who pass in front of their camera time that he was taking pictures of the two people who are visible in the tandem image. Skeptical opinion states that the extension only reflection of someone who does not realize has created an image that is blurred.
"ghost street"

And so the runner up is the selected image by 31% visitors to the site, the image appears a person In the shadow of a tree limb exuberant. Taken when John Wilson are walking along with my daughter and a dog in the afternoon. Skeptical opinion states that only a mix of shade, the stem and leaves from the forest around.

nd that is so juaranya photos penampakan ghost Tantallon castle in Scotland. Chosen by 39 & visitors, this photo was taken by Christopher Aichitson. He does not claim to looking at the shadows a person caught in their camera. Many are skeptical to say that it is just a visitor, and the other says it is a reflection of the surrounding batu2, or lights on the walls, while the other is the only digital manipulation.
"tantallon ghost"

Conclusions from the end of this contest is most of the photographs submitted by participants of the contest penampakan2 describes different types of forms that are not clear. Many of foto2 have a normal explanation, such as dust on the camera lens, extension of the object shadow, or because the effect of the flash on the camera.

That the existence of the fine is being recognized there, namun2 foto2 above does not directly prove that they also caught the camera. Well, its all up to you, believe it or not.

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