Video recording sightings creatures figure who allegedly made rippled citizens tuyul Bogor. The recording was quickly spread through mobile phones.

The videotape was made by a young junior high school near his home in the area Sukamantri, Castle district, Bogor regency, about 6 months ago. But until now the appearance was still busy tuyul a conversation citizen. Moreover, one of the teens in the video was recorded immediately fell sick for 3 months.

"It's been a long time, about six months ago. At that time three children were playing guitar junior at the terrace house. Then one of his friends recorded two of his colleagues had been playing guitar and singing it. Suddenly, the tape appeared to resemble tuyul creature, "said a resident who requested his name not mentioned, last weekend.

Residents were told, after the recording, one teenager named Didi, immediately fell sick for three months. According to smart people who heal Didi, the pain was due to junior high school students in a taped appearance tuyul made friends through the mobile phone. "So since then Didi's family refused to tell about the incident again, for fear of being sick children recur," he said.

Tuyul Hebohnya videotape was also recognized Indrajaya, 32, citizen Kotabatu, Ciomas district, Bogor Regency. He said he received the tape around May. At that time he did not think the recording was made in the area Sukamantri. "That I can tape it from my friends who work in Jakarta. He said this incident occurred in Cianjur, so I was surprised to pass out it was not far from my house, "he said.
In the recording duration was 2:44 seconds, two teenagers playing guitar while singing. Judging from the picture recording is not too obvious that, two teenagers were playing guitar on the porch. It is unknown who the terrace house where they gathered.
When recording at 44 seconds, suddenly appeared a creature from behind the two youths as he walked to crawl. His body was thin with long arms and his head bald. Teenagers who recorded images immediately yelled to the two friends use the Sundanese. "In the aya .. din tukangeun tuyul nothing," the teenager yelled yelling tell Didi and his partner who was singing.
In the tape Didi and her friend had to look back, but he did not see the creature as his friend uttered. About 10 seconds later, the creature disappeared. However, suddenly appeared again just before the phone is used for recording. Furthermore sinister figure disappeared and reappeared in different locations to within about two feet from the three teens.
From the video data, the date the recording was made 25 April 2009 at around 22:45, with a duration of 2:44 seconds.

Toyol in mythology archipelago, especially in Java, is a tangible ghost child or a runt with a shaved head. Other depictions that are not agreed upon all the people are colored silver, are social (in the sense of a community and a leader), and sound like a chicken. Toyol be employed by an employer for some reason people, especially to steal (money).

Residents in Castle Perum Bogor Nirwana 1 H was forced to ask for help Udin, a kiai who lived in Jalan Kebon Kopi RT-Governmental 04.10 Pabuaran Cibinong, Bogor. H Udin of assistance, people finally believe, because they often lose money finally proved by the arrest of two tuyul large and small.

H Udin, who usually called Abah was claimed, before accepting a request by residents Nirvana Castle Hasan, who is also his friend, he first prayed. After that he went to a new location. Here again he made a special ritual to determine the existence of these tuyul.
Tuyul Two arrested on Friday 27/11) night, now still in a big white bottle. Before the two tuyul into the trap, Abah first shake the bottle of white smoke.

When shaken, the bottle was light terliaht. But a few minutes later, heavy bottles. Even Abah looked sweaty, even though the atmosphere when it was raining. Abah then delivered to the citizens, that tuyul already in the trap.

A cursory look, there are two shadows in the bottle. Two creatures who recognized that tuyul Abah as large and small. Toyol-tuyul was still in the house H Udin. The plan residents will perform the ritual, for the next release the two creatures are the natural.


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