Best Kuntilanak Ghost Collection

cerita penampakan hantu jin arwah gentayangan sundel bolong

Bathroom is one of cozy place for ghosts. No wonder if she appears in this dark bathroom. Take a look at his messy hair. Don’t forget to clean your bathroom routinely, or she likes to stay here, doesn’t she?

foto hantu suster kuntilanak

This is an appearance in the hospital. This is one reason why I don’t like to go to hospital. I’m afraid to experience this moment again. I do hope this is for the last time.

foto penampakan hantu di iklan sctv

I got this email from my friend’s friend. Pay attention to the pictures and you will find that there was Two Kuntilanak ghosts appeared in the commercial break of one of TV station. The Production House said that there should be no 2 dancers in the right and left corner. Yet this appearance is realized after the commercial break broadcasted for many times.

foto hantu kuntilanak

In my opinion, both Pocong and Kuntilanak are the scariest ghosts in Indonesia. Which one for you? However, this picture shows us how Kuntilanak looks like. It is very clear that she has a very long hair. Can’t you notice that?

gambar hantu penampakan kuntilanak

I’m not going to lie to you. It’s a woman ghost’s appearance. It’s the truth because my friend told me that there should be no woman when the picture is taken.

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