Foto Gambar Hantu Jeruk Purut

Foto Gambar Hantu Jeruk Purut
Foto Gambar Hantu Jeruk Purut

Not only the area of East Jakarta holding many mysteries, South Jakarta was not lost on the source of the story, such as tunnels Casablanca, lime burial areas, elite housing in Pondok Indah, and so on.

In 1986, a guard the tomb of Jeruk Purut TPU's night watchman saw a headless priest passed between the tomb. Father was carrying his own head and behind him, joined a dog. It is said that the priest was "one home". He looked for his grave is actually in the unit Land TPU driver Christian, while the TPU Jeruk Purut only Islamic units.
Sapri Saputra, the guard who saw the priest's tomb mutilated head was, until now still maintain the grave and is considered kuncen or elder person in the TPU Jeruk Purut. Testimony of Mr. Sapri is then spread widely as Jakarta and until now "The Father Head Tank" became a legend in Jeruk Purut horror. That said, if you want to see this legendary priest, should come on Friday night with an odd number (alone or all three).

Since childhood, Asmari, Mr. Sapri junior, has been accustomed to living in the area of the cemetery Jeruk Purut. His father was the local government officials (government) who worked there. Since graduating elementary school (around 1986), the undertaker Asmari become non-employee TPU Jeruk Purut followed his father's footsteps. According to Asmari, experience meet with supernatural beings is a common thing for him; starting from pocong, tuyul, kuntilanak, kuntilanak men, and others. However, until now he had never met with the Father Head Tank.

"The most ignorant man's kuntilanak," said Asmari. While patrolling, Asmari never ditimpuki gravel from the tree melinjo by this creature. But, of all experience Asmari met with supernatural beings, the most interesting is when he met with tuyul.

At dusk one day in the year 1986, Asmari going back home with his father. They saw a child running naked in the grave laughing. The boy then called out asking for money on Asmari. Asmari surprised because he did not know, while he knows all the residents in the village behind the Jeruk Purut. It used to be only one kampong where the population is not too much.

When asked his background, the little boy ran into the noodles instead of the sacred, a Betawi traditional tomb house. Asmari follow up to the sacred and, predictably, the boy disappeared

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