Best Pocong Ghost Collection

foto hantu penampakan pocong di rumah sakit

Some people say that the scariest ghost in Indonesia is Pocong. Definitely I agree with this opinion. It is known if someone forgets to release the tie of the death’s shroud, the corpse will rise from their grave and ask everyone to release the bond. This is a photo of Pocong’s appearance in a hospital. What does it actually want to do?

foto penampakan hantu pocong

It seems that this white mysterious appearance wants to join the Indonesian Army by following the circle. Maybe it is kinds of patriotism, our beloved country.
Sir yes Sir!!!

gambar hantu pocong hitam

Take a look at a black appearance flying over the swimming pool. “What a hot and tiring day, I would like to have some refreshing here” The black says

foto hantu pocong di sekolah

Sigh… Is it Pocong? It shows itself behind the window in a classroom. Will it joins the class?

gambar foto penampakan hantu seram

My friends made up their face so horrible because they want to act as a ghost in our annual program. When the picture is printed, skak matt for them!! A very horrible face appeared behind them near the door. I’m sure they will not play the camouflage like this anymore.

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