foto hantu penampakan pocong di rumah sakit

Some people say that the scariest ghost in Indonesia is Pocong. Definitely I agree with this opinion. It is known if someone forgets to release the tie of the death’s shroud, the corpse will rise from their grave and ask everyone to release the bond. This is a photo of Pocong’s appearance in a hospital. What does it actually want to do?

foto hantu kuntilanak

In my opinion, both Pocong and Kuntilanak are the scariest ghosts in Indonesia. Which one for you? However, this picture shows us how Kuntilanak looks like. It is very clear that she has a very long hair. Can’t you notice that?

foto hantu suster kuntilanak

This is an appearance in the hospital. This is one reason why I don’t like to go to hospital. I’m afraid to experience this moment again. I do hope this is for the last time.

foto penampakan hantu putri duyung

This picture is a Fiji Mermaid. I’m not going to describe it to you because you can see clearly here how it looks like. I also have no idea about how old it is.

gambar foto cerita hantu tuyul

What’s on your mind if I mention Tuyul? Yup, you’re right. Tuyul is described as a tiny creature. This ghost is used to steal money and then given to the boss as the caretaker. The boss must run some ritual to make its activity running smoothly. My grandpa says that it likes to play with turtles. All you have to do just put the turtles let it plays and you can caught Tuyul easily. It isn’t that easy I think.

foto penampakan hantu pocong

It seems that this white mysterious appearance wants to join the Indonesian Army by following the circle. Maybe it is kinds of patriotism, our beloved country.
Sir yes Sir!

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