Misteri Pohon Beringin Menangis

Beringin trees' crying ', which many believed could cure various diseases in the end with tebang saw. Many residents are not happy to see that logging. But they just watch, do not try to obscure.

Tatang logging is done by (45), the local people. Tatang initiative fell trees visited a busy person that does not happen polytheism.

"What I have a buzz about the news. What people do not idolaters. What if people only regret," said the man who put on a T-shirt black detik.com to this, the edge location Cebokan time, The Road In RT 1 RW 3 Region greatness, Park District Sari, West Jakarta, Friday (3/14/2009).

Detikcom observation, when it issued a ditebang Beringin sap. Disisakan tree is only up to 50 centi meters.

"Biarin only later also damned. Tuh right out of the water. This tree can heal the sick should be left alone. Ditebang Although, I still will take that water can still be," said Ibu Sum.

Other residents also said the same. "Why do ditebang? Kan sayang. Bisa damned loh. Try it out, tonight the hard nangisnya," said a man is.

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