SMS Jelangkung

Short messages (SMS) mysterious return appalling Kediri. After a student SMK Desa Klampitan origin, Purwoasri, Kabupaten Kediri, Nurhuda, suicide after receiving mysterious SMS from the boyfriend, now turn a number of students in Kediri get mysterious SMS, SMS jelangkung.

Although not up to engulf the victim, SMS jelangkung this makes the students excited. SMS contains a short reading jelangkung mantra that received a number of Open University students in Kediri, Saturday (27 / 6).

Some students claim to feel the mystical feel after receiving a short message via mobile device. Some students even failed to read the whole SMS as the phone suddenly died so the recipient to open the SMS-nya.

The contents of the SMS consists of a few sentences. However, only two of my sentence, "Jaelangkung jaelanset ... 123 dead hapemu ..." However, when the reading is directed to the bottom of the SMS, SMS has changed the content of the image into small boxes to capacity to meet the characters of each letter in the phone.

"I got so curious SMS contains jelangkung mantra. However, after reading ... hapemu died'123 ', at that time also my HP died. I do not know who the author before reading the whole, HP already dead," said Mashuri, student semester II Education Department Sports.

Students get home this Mojo SMS when he arrived at the campus in Jalan Pamenang. Because it's not, then Mashuri SMS alert to the peer sekampusnya. Does not appear to have only himself to get the SMS. Fill in the same SMS also received other students. However, time would be opened, hurried off the phone. Or if not, when trying to read intact, suddenly the phone me to restart itself.

Strangely, SMS can not be deleted. This makes the event is surprising.

"I got scared while reading the newspaper Surya, before this, have students suicide after receiving mysterious SMS. Once there jelangkung incoming SMS to my phone, my phone died. I would like to remove, but I can not, "said Puji Lestari, student Department of English at the same campus.

Students consisting of teachers and teacher GTT PNS is the average time a student receives SMS. Coincidence at that time, they are working on final exams this semester even years. Many times have incoming SMS tone, but because of the test, not left open.

Once the break, they open the SMS. In fact contain jelangkung SMS. However, once opened, the phone off immediately. "If we read the display on the screen, not yet dead, but when didetailkan down, phone off," said Hendro, students Pare origin.

Students do this and send back to friends. However, the same case. Once the content of SMS is opened, the phone died. Hope can know the content of the SMS jelangkung more detail can actually be done by a certain type of mobile phone owners are more sophisticated. However, it's because they return every SMS is a detail that appears as a symbol small boxes.

Flash SMS

Akim, alumnus informatics techniques in the event, said, SMS is a cruel ulah hands. Only the odd, SMS is the mobile phone to make death on the phone that there is no facility of GPRS. "Allow dikata, SMS jelangkung that kind of virus. The sender to complete a specific code so that HP can make on the type of dead-certain types of HP, "said akim.

Meanwhile, Herry Wibowo Setiadi, communications supervisor, said, SMS is considered a mantra is a Flash SMS or Class 0 SMS. "It was one of the variants and SMS only exists since long time, starting around 2001," said Herry Wibowo Setiadi when contacted Surya, Saturday.

Previously, Flash SMS also have been mobile phone Siemens into a certain type. Kejadiannya also the same, so incoming SMS and opened, the phone off immediately. Flash SMS SMS is not like normal people that are known at this time.

SMS is usually received and stored in the SIM card or phone memory, new users are reminded with a voice alert incoming SMS. Nah, Flash SMS is a text message inbox without opening it first reading. The same contents can be read directly on the screen when the phone Flash SMS entry.

Why can die? For some types of mobile phone is not compatible (according) to receive SMS Flash. Firmware programming ponselnya less than perfect. So, once opened must restart.

"Genesis is not frightening. Any chance have any posts' Jaelangkung jaelangset ... 123 dead hapemu ', so afraid when people read it. If you already receive Flash SMS, and phone dead, no worries. How, remove the SIM card and plug in another phone. Then, remove the Flash SMS. After that, return the SIM card in your phone itself, "he said.

Separately, telecommunications expert Roy Suryo when contacted on Saturday, said the possibility of a small mobile phone is dead because the virus. Until now, said Roy, no virus can attack via SMS.

Roy says, the more people on sugesti associated with technical problems. Can be, SMS is the recipient of psychological fear, as though dead ponselnya because the emergence of the short message.

In fact, could be, when they get a phone or a brief message like that, without pressing the button directly aware off (off) in their Mobile Phone. "I see more suggestions, not kill the virus that," said Roy.
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Gambar Penampakan Hantu

Today alarming Gambar Hantu have to know well for the video clip of phantom, with the advances in the technology which make it easy for the average person to be able to find the scene apparently fashionable video of clip in a video gambar alarming. Some hantu-hantu alarming gambar disturbs, some made the recreation of these articles and became mentally - disturbed. Some phantoms are not really alarming but the poor published the tedious history paranormale unscary. The phantoms loves the people who create noises and problems because they are hearted weak and easily operated. Does the black magic exist? I saw many made strange things which cannot be explained. It is the place to obtain the new video clip.

There was a history of a little boy who likes to pretend. Many names were called after him like the crying wolf. Made attention when names were called. You could have troubles and the phantoms become angry. Observe what you known as and take guard of your movements, if not you can obtain in the trouble with the unknown. It is difficult to find the clip video of the phantom.

There is much the company of video clip which can help of the newbies to know to conceive a Web site but it costs much. We that all can learn easily buy to reach large books on creating a video clip for beginners much of stores of book. Even if you do not believe in your capacity, it can be recreation to learn how much a great success gained over over the Internet by the study of elder which has the great knowledge and broad being of spirit. To date, if your interested party more about the video clip paranormal with hunting of phantom, can test you with this ebook reasonable which shows exactly how to capture the true phantom now.

Video clip of large free films: (Very alarming Films with English subtitles) while informing, do not observe if you have mental problems, health issues or a minor. More films coming soon, thus still come. We give the best films, the free remote loading Mozilla Firefox with the fast Internet for the best results.

Gambar Penampakan Hantu

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Hantu Jamu Gendong Movie

The vat, Rifky, Simon, Steve Aryo since are already small. During their youth, Steve should be moved to follow the house of the Master. The fault of several years, whereas Steve carries out the pernikahannya, Steve returned to the alive environment for the duration of the four friends to invite the karibnya.
Simon does not want to lose this invaluable moment which is the occasion to meet Steve, installed a direct part with the infantryman to create the surprises and the friend Steve.
In an old house, Simon spent the play �that the Satan� is a play called with the medium-term spirit. Simon read all the incantation, Aryo create fear, whereas others like the play.
When the strange atmosphere started, suddenly somebody who are considered, namely buddy of Burhan and hansip two Hansip Japra and Hansip Adung the event they go down.
When Steve arrived in the house, it with curiosity and disorder by Hantu Wanita Tua which are already on them. The next day that they all started to be different while being subtle.
Transport out of vat Cs how dare the problems which come now and more the conflict in their friendship is long?

Hantu Jamu Gendong Movie

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Sundel Bolong the Movie

The collection of photograph gallery, this is only in film of horror in the cinema
What 's upwards with the hollow prostitute? Who was it? In the Indian myth that the prostitute digs was to be supernatural which was identical to hairy slip knot a long time female like length bergaun but also on his behind was identical to a hole. This myth are held always now. but if we were not certain of this we will certainly have felt not frightened them

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Penampakan Hantu Rumah Sakit

Note the left image, seen sesosok white long shadows ..., the alley is quiet, very empty at the time .., this photo was taken in one of the alley Hospital dr. Salamun in the area of Cimbuleuit (Bandung) more than 9 hours the night, I and another friend I wanted the invitation to the reunion akbar dr. Totong Suarjana, SpOG intend to take this kenang2an with berfoto together in the alley (because the 'feel' the pain bener2 kerasa house, and there was quiet again lorongnya, I become too ashamed berfoto is there ... ^ ^), but gk so because most tmn2 on the other gk feared because fear would have 'participated terfoto' (what this photo was taken before the experiment for us ... with the image, placed on the floor to set the distance of approach, the object, and its auto flash ..) and that concerns is evident! =), And with the enlargement of optimal computers, among sela2 feet above model there is also the head sesosok people, the alley Benar2 empty at the time.
Gk bener sih loop-loop bagged this camera is for you being this orang2 takutkan, or free of smoke, shadow, illusion or a camera? Until now sya blm Does what ..., but I make sure the image is a little heart flutter when I open my computer the first time in 12 hours the night ....

Penampakan Hantu Rumah Sakit
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Jenglot Ghost|Jenglot Mummy

BANTUL Beach - Four fruit Jenglot as much early days earlier at 01.00 WIB found along the beach until Parangkusumo Parangtritis. Interestingly, the findings jenglot the same time with the invention of sculpture Nyai Blorong in the same beach.

Jenglot found this Jumanto (45), fourth jenglot was found buried sand and the distance between one jenglot less than 100 meters to the east. "I find that the four jenglot while walking the night," said Jumanto at home in Mancingan, Dukuh XI, Parangtritis, Bantul District, Friday (19/6/2009).

Fourth jenglot the average size of 10-15 centimeters. according Jumanto, the first jenglot found buried by sand and tersepak feet. So, when it be to the east, found that three jenglot size smaller than jenglot first and wrapped a black plastic bag.

In belief, the body of the old jenglot akan jenglot wane. From the fourth jenglot found yesterday, last jenglot have the smallest body size. So that when sorted, jenglot is found from the termuda to the oldest.

"Time jenglot invention is almost the same as the invention of sculpture Nyai Blorong, in a matter of days in Java years ago," continued Jumanto.

After found, half-hour later the four jenglot that dimandikan Jumanto with neighbors named Tono. When dimandikan, he said, the body jenglot soften. After dimandikan, jenglot fourth placed above the tray in accordance with the invention of the order and given flowers as offerings.

According to the plan, the fourth jenglot akan Jumanto stored and will not sell it to other people. "Before jenglot find that I do not get any inkling," accuse him.

Previous champion Nono (67), of The Village on 20 February 2009 also found jenglot. Jenglot found by a supernatural leader who was also Nono Parangtritis interpreter lock when performing rituals at the beach Parangkusumo.

Jenglot Ghost|Jenglot Mummy

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Ghost house, located in Japan has been recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest spook house and the most frightening in the world.

This old building converted into a house ghost in the form of a hospital. Unlike the other ghost house, ghost house does not have this path or direction that has been determined. Guests are required to run itself. In the house ghost, there are many door / window must be opened manually by our guests. In addition to regulation of interior chilling, spook house is also filled by workers who dress up the withdrawal eerie ghost actually.

Guests can enter the ghost house in this group that contains 2 or 3 people. Not only look real, ghost houses also have this punch a smell smell senses to waken our guests. Building a house ghost is 700m long. If guests do not stray, required approximately 50 minutes to work out of the building. Of course, workers can always standby ready to help guests out of the building.

Ghost house is full of Lika-street small bay where guests are usually lost. Audio also installed a full volume voice is screaming, foot steps sound de el el. Because it is too daunting, many guests who hurt women, because the fall / hand grip that is too strong. Similarly, the front man.

Hospital History

Hospital that is located under the foot of Mount Fuji this had been the first hospital that is very popular. However, some physicians will act more important money, hospitals will be closed after some time. Undoubtedly, dokter2 these out and take the opportunity organ2 patient's body for sale. Patients who died only one buried in the holes that are not eligible. Trust this place is haunted. Guests who have never seen the spirit of ghost sister who brought human head in his hand.

Japan Ghost Hospital|Hantu Rumah Sakit Jepang

japan ghost hospital
japan ghost


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