Jenglot Ghost|Jenglot Mummy

BANTUL Beach - Four fruit Jenglot as much early days earlier at 01.00 WIB found along the beach until Parangkusumo Parangtritis. Interestingly, the findings jenglot the same time with the invention of sculpture Nyai Blorong in the same beach.

Jenglot found this Jumanto (45), fourth jenglot was found buried sand and the distance between one jenglot less than 100 meters to the east. "I find that the four jenglot while walking the night," said Jumanto at home in Mancingan, Dukuh XI, Parangtritis, Bantul District, Friday (19/6/2009).

Fourth jenglot the average size of 10-15 centimeters. according Jumanto, the first jenglot found buried by sand and tersepak feet. So, when it be to the east, found that three jenglot size smaller than jenglot first and wrapped a black plastic bag.

In belief, the body of the old jenglot akan jenglot wane. From the fourth jenglot found yesterday, last jenglot have the smallest body size. So that when sorted, jenglot is found from the termuda to the oldest.

"Time jenglot invention is almost the same as the invention of sculpture Nyai Blorong, in a matter of days in Java years ago," continued Jumanto.

After found, half-hour later the four jenglot that dimandikan Jumanto with neighbors named Tono. When dimandikan, he said, the body jenglot soften. After dimandikan, jenglot fourth placed above the tray in accordance with the invention of the order and given flowers as offerings.

According to the plan, the fourth jenglot akan Jumanto stored and will not sell it to other people. "Before jenglot find that I do not get any inkling," accuse him.

Previous champion Nono (67), of The Village on 20 February 2009 also found jenglot. Jenglot found by a supernatural leader who was also Nono Parangtritis interpreter lock when performing rituals at the beach Parangkusumo.

Jenglot Ghost|Jenglot Mummy

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