SMS Jelangkung

Short messages (SMS) mysterious return appalling Kediri. After a student SMK Desa Klampitan origin, Purwoasri, Kabupaten Kediri, Nurhuda, suicide after receiving mysterious SMS from the boyfriend, now turn a number of students in Kediri get mysterious SMS, SMS jelangkung.

Although not up to engulf the victim, SMS jelangkung this makes the students excited. SMS contains a short reading jelangkung mantra that received a number of Open University students in Kediri, Saturday (27 / 6).

Some students claim to feel the mystical feel after receiving a short message via mobile device. Some students even failed to read the whole SMS as the phone suddenly died so the recipient to open the SMS-nya.

The contents of the SMS consists of a few sentences. However, only two of my sentence, "Jaelangkung jaelanset ... 123 dead hapemu ..." However, when the reading is directed to the bottom of the SMS, SMS has changed the content of the image into small boxes to capacity to meet the characters of each letter in the phone.

"I got so curious SMS contains jelangkung mantra. However, after reading ... hapemu died'123 ', at that time also my HP died. I do not know who the author before reading the whole, HP already dead," said Mashuri, student semester II Education Department Sports.

Students get home this Mojo SMS when he arrived at the campus in Jalan Pamenang. Because it's not, then Mashuri SMS alert to the peer sekampusnya. Does not appear to have only himself to get the SMS. Fill in the same SMS also received other students. However, time would be opened, hurried off the phone. Or if not, when trying to read intact, suddenly the phone me to restart itself.

Strangely, SMS can not be deleted. This makes the event is surprising.

"I got scared while reading the newspaper Surya, before this, have students suicide after receiving mysterious SMS. Once there jelangkung incoming SMS to my phone, my phone died. I would like to remove, but I can not, "said Puji Lestari, student Department of English at the same campus.

Students consisting of teachers and teacher GTT PNS is the average time a student receives SMS. Coincidence at that time, they are working on final exams this semester even years. Many times have incoming SMS tone, but because of the test, not left open.

Once the break, they open the SMS. In fact contain jelangkung SMS. However, once opened, the phone off immediately. "If we read the display on the screen, not yet dead, but when didetailkan down, phone off," said Hendro, students Pare origin.

Students do this and send back to friends. However, the same case. Once the content of SMS is opened, the phone died. Hope can know the content of the SMS jelangkung more detail can actually be done by a certain type of mobile phone owners are more sophisticated. However, it's because they return every SMS is a detail that appears as a symbol small boxes.

Flash SMS

Akim, alumnus informatics techniques in the event, said, SMS is a cruel ulah hands. Only the odd, SMS is the mobile phone to make death on the phone that there is no facility of GPRS. "Allow dikata, SMS jelangkung that kind of virus. The sender to complete a specific code so that HP can make on the type of dead-certain types of HP, "said akim.

Meanwhile, Herry Wibowo Setiadi, communications supervisor, said, SMS is considered a mantra is a Flash SMS or Class 0 SMS. "It was one of the variants and SMS only exists since long time, starting around 2001," said Herry Wibowo Setiadi when contacted Surya, Saturday.

Previously, Flash SMS also have been mobile phone Siemens into a certain type. Kejadiannya also the same, so incoming SMS and opened, the phone off immediately. Flash SMS SMS is not like normal people that are known at this time.

SMS is usually received and stored in the SIM card or phone memory, new users are reminded with a voice alert incoming SMS. Nah, Flash SMS is a text message inbox without opening it first reading. The same contents can be read directly on the screen when the phone Flash SMS entry.

Why can die? For some types of mobile phone is not compatible (according) to receive SMS Flash. Firmware programming ponselnya less than perfect. So, once opened must restart.

"Genesis is not frightening. Any chance have any posts' Jaelangkung jaelangset ... 123 dead hapemu ', so afraid when people read it. If you already receive Flash SMS, and phone dead, no worries. How, remove the SIM card and plug in another phone. Then, remove the Flash SMS. After that, return the SIM card in your phone itself, "he said.

Separately, telecommunications expert Roy Suryo when contacted on Saturday, said the possibility of a small mobile phone is dead because the virus. Until now, said Roy, no virus can attack via SMS.

Roy says, the more people on sugesti associated with technical problems. Can be, SMS is the recipient of psychological fear, as though dead ponselnya because the emergence of the short message.

In fact, could be, when they get a phone or a brief message like that, without pressing the button directly aware off (off) in their Mobile Phone. "I see more suggestions, not kill the virus that," said Roy.

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