Video Penampakan Hantu Di Konser d'Masive

A figure ghost(kuntilanak;in indonesia league) appear at a concert d'masive, the ghost(hantu;in Indonesian league) also seems to be fond d'masive music can be seen with the strain enjoy music that they take on the concert. From the image above it appears that ghost is located right in the back of the guitar, which he happens to play the guitar very cool with their guitar.

"Perhaps this is indeed a coincidence, the song is clearly about the longing that people have not. So, once match," said d'Masive showed no fear on the ghost story enthusiast to watch their concert.

Or maybe the ghost is also more stressful, confused, because the current economic situation is not stabilized as a result of the global financial crisis over the world. Result in a material increase in the needs of all day-to-day life, that is ghost is looking for entertainment so that the disease is reduced stress moment. And accidental ghost also fans of pure d'Masive.

This I show you the video:

he ... HAA ... hi ...

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