Cerita Foto Gambar Setan Casablanca

Gambar Setan Casablanca
Foto Setan Casablanca

The story is similar but not as well as in found in this place. Built on the graveyard, the tunnel is fairly haunted Casablanca. According to several people Casablanca, when the dismantling of the grave, there is even a 1 remains intact.

From the tunnel Casablanca until about a radius of 40 meters later, many accidents are caused not make sense. Usually because motorists or car saw a woman suddenly crossed in front of the vehicle, so the driver's vehicle suddenly swerved and hit a roadblock.

According to residents, it's good when you pass this tunnel, the driver honked the vehicle to "greet" the inhabitants of the tunnel. Late 90's, a man was middle-aged who hanged herself with a banner in here. Be it the more haunted places.

According to Mrs. Yati Mostopha, residents who live near the tunnel Casablanca, people often hear the sound of crying, when approached the sound source, the sound moving.

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