Pocong, Kuntilanak, Genderuwo Ghost Appearance at The Business School

Absolutely these girls are the real human. What about this one, who stands in the corner behind them? Seems she bring ghostly atmosphere.

Would you believe me that there’s an appearance in this photo? If it wasn’t, the boys and the girls wouldn’t smile so sweet like this while the picture is taken.

Again, a headless ghost appears in the right side. No wonder a ghost will appear here because it’s known that this place is haunted. My neighbor shows this photo, anyway.

It’s only two men as the object when the picture is taken. It means the man in the left side is a ghost’s appearance. Notice that this mysterious one has no shadow like the others.

Hi, where are you going? Why don’t you take a sit beside me? Off course this boy wouldn’t deliver this question to a ghost behind him

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