FOTO|GAMBAR|VIDEO Hantu Michael Jackson

Foto Gambar Penampakan Hantu Michael Jackson

Silhouette moving go across the corridor and then disappeared.

A surprising impression appalling the visitor site YouTube. Michael Jackson Appearing spirit caught on camera house in Neverland Ranch.

A silhouette-like figures appear to Jacko on the wall in the former house of late Jacko in Neverland Ranch. Silhouette is moving go across to corridor, from left to right, then disappeared. Such as quoted from The Sun, Monday 6 July 2009.

Penampakan sinister accidentally caught it at your camera directly CNN television program, 'Inside Neverland', which conducted interviews between Larry King and older brother Michael, Jermaine.

Both the presenter does not realize or kameramen presence appearing silhouette is. But, once published on the website YouTube, the fans immediately recognize the presence of shadows. News penampakan of that spirit as Jacko in Neverland was directly spread quickly on the internet.

Video Penampakan Hantu Michael Jackson

Programs that show sepekan after the death of Jacko, invites Miko Brando, son of Marlon Brando, who is also his old Michael, for a tour to the old house Jacko in Neverland.

When the camera is effective to the long corridor, her shadow visible at the end of the corridor. Chat forum of the Jacko fans directly membeludak yesterday night. They are confident, silhouette through the corridor as the spirit Michael.

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