Foto Crop Circle UFO Sleman Jogja

Foto Jejak Crop Circle UFO SlemanFoto Jejak Crop Circle UFO Sleman

Nur Augustine, one of the founders of the BETA-UFO Indonesia, said that crop circles are happening in Sleman, Yogyakarta, is not the first.

"According to our report, previously in Tuban, East Java, in 1998 it had occurred the phenomenon of crop circles, the same as that in Sleman," said Nur Augustine to JAKARTA in Jakarta on Monday (1/24/2011).

Today there will be BETA-UFO team from Indonesia who will check the location of crop-circle in Sleman. BETA-UFO Indonesia said that currently they are not sure, whether crop circles are man-made UFO in Sleman or prankster.

"Our team just went over there this afternoon, and testimony from people around the crime scene is still confusing," said Nur Augustine.

"So, now I'm still waiting for its development," added Nur Augustine.

BETA-UFO INDONESIA is a group or organization who observed the UFO problem in Indonesia. BETA-UFO was established on October 26, 1997 with the aim of researching the UFO problem, records of UFO sightings in Indonesia, and then analyze and study it.

Nur Augustine Soedjatmiko is an educational background Ufolog Psychology born 26 April 1966. Co-founder of BETA-UFO Indonesia is also the founder and Director of the Institute of Psychology and Management Consulting Grahita Bina Mandiri.

Currently Nur Augustine has written several books including 'A Decade of Community Travel Tracking BETA-UFO UFO Phenomenon', 'Phobia', 'Between Children and Families', 'Overcoming Barriers to the Executive Business'.

UFO-related, in terms of Indonesian Language, UFO is actually called Strange Flying Objects (BETA) or Not Known Flying Objects (BETEBEDI). Two terms that are not too popular.

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