Foto Hantu Suzanna Gentayangan

Suzanna Is Death Many month Ago...Foto Hantu Suzanna Gentayangan

Actress specialist horror movie, Suzanna dikabarkan died Wednesday (15/10). Bogor is the birth of the artist died after a day right back to the year-66 on October 14 ago.

Since last February, Suzanna health conditions are declining and had been treated in hospitals in Yogyakarta and Magelang disease because of diabetes diidapnya. Although the condition is not healthy, Suzanna played in the film Hantu Ambulance, the first film since he vacuum cleaner.

Suzanna was married to actor Dicky Suprapto and Kiki have a daughter named Mary. Unfortunately their relationship as less harmonious enmity with his father tirinya, Clift Sangra. Until death, Suzanna spend time together in Magelang Clift.

Suzanna own known as the hot movie stars and mystics, such as breathing in and LUMPUR PANAS BUMI Makin and ISLAND CINTA (1978), was a nominator for the FFI Main Women's Open in film RATU BLACK SCIENCE (1981).

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