There are a love story in the Dutch colonial era between Raden Soekotjo with Nyi Soroh. Unfortunately, I Raden Soekotjo clap hands after the Nyi Soroh decided to get married with Von Klingen

Soekotjo intend to pay any pain because his heart Nyi Soroh be married by killing the family Von Klingen. Outside of the Soekotjo, Nyi Soroh kuntilanak preserve. Soekotjo effort to kill the family Von Klingen aground when it finally succeeded in killing nature Soekotjo first to protect the family Von Klingen

Before last breath, Soekotjo had not wanted to release the tali pocong and make himself a spirit gentayang or Pocong

Bettle between pocong and with kuntilanak continues from generation to generation to generation the last to know that they are not sentient beings inherit it. Love also confront Vonny Von Klingen with Dell Soekotjo the other is the descendant of the last of the Von Klingen and Soekotjo. Until the end they faced each other for the continuing revenge ancestors that haunt them. Vonny vs. Marvel, or kuntilanak vs. Pocong

Begin running in theaters on 6 November 2008

Film Type : Horror
Producer : Zainal Susanto, Se
Production : Partner Pictures

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