When we first arrived, the ambience of the inn was incredible. A very strong sense of history and majesty is apparent immediately. We were excited to have a tour, the highlights of which were the basement (closed to the public) and the De Goya room. Legends of children dying in this inn are common, the original owners son in this room. We stayed in the ambassador suite where a forbidden lover strangled his lover and then hung himself out of guilt for killing her. He was Carl, a stable boy, she a maid named Jessica. Both of us kept getting an eerie feeling of being watched, our daughter staring at corners and smiling at something over our shoulders, both uncharacteristic of her. I took digital photos of all the rooms and basement, and the dining hall, many orbs captured. I got an overwhelming feeling of a chill pass over me the outer corner of the dining room. Once asleep, I woke to find myself sweating bullets. The room was comfortable, maybe a bit chilly when I lied down. My girl woke up and said she was also hot. She turned on the fan and we both went back to sleep.

I was awakened by a bang at the double door to our room. I got spooked by this because we were the only people in the building. The staff was all gone and locked up 3 or 4 hours earlier. I lay in bed staring at the wall near my side of the bed and tried to talk myself back to sleep, but I heard voices, giggles, heavy footsteps and the bathroom door creaking loudly over and over. I made sure to close all windows in our room, so after an hour or so I woke my girl and asked her if she heard anything strange. Of course she said 'no, it's an old hotel, go to sleep'. (The next day she told me she heard things too)

After about 45 more minutes of me trying to sleep, my daughter woke up screaming, which she has only done once before. We brought her to bed and 10 minutes after I got an intense feeling of dread. I was being lured to turn over and look at the bathroom door. I talked myself into it and turned over. Staring into the dark I saw nothing at first, and then above the shower curtain I saw a weird emerald light. It was bright, but not the way a light bulb is, it didn't illuminate the bathroom at all. It was as if it was directed at me, somehow. I wanted to move and get up, take a picture, but I couldn't get up the nerve. I watched it for what seemed like 10 minutes, and then it disappeared. I got up and turned on the light, but I found nothing to explain the strange green glow. I look forward to staying there again with more equipment and more courage.

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